Rafa Esparza & Timo Fahler - TSO Hybrid

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Rafa Esparza & Timo Fahler
TSO Hybrid, 2017
Dimensions variable
Adobe, hydrocal, hay, dye
Limited edition of 10

TSO Hybrid is a collaborative limited edition by artists Rafa Esparza and Timo Fahler. In an edition of 10, this work was developed while the two artists were working together on Ballroom’s fall 2017 exhibition, Tierra. Sangre. Oro.

Each piece is unique and handmade from adobe molded into a cinderblock form and filled with painterly dyed plaster and hay. 

During their residency in Marfa the artists became interested in Donald Judd's practice of combining dissimilar building materials – cement mortar with adobe bricks. For this edition Esparza and Fahler explored their own conflation of discrete building practices by creating a conventional concrete form with adobe.


Please note each work is unique and may be differ from the first photo. Second photo is representative of all works.

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