Jeffrey Gibson - one becomes the other

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Jeffrey Gibson
one becomes the other, 2020
Nylon appliqué flag, neon powder coated grommets
48 x 72 in (unframed)
Edition of 5 + 1AP

one becomes the other by Jeffrey Gibson is a nod to the Lone Star State of Texas. More notable is the influence of Lone Star Indigenous quilts. Created from intricately sewn pieces of fabric that form an eight-pointed star, the quilts feature concentric diamond patterns radiating from the center. The star’s pulsating effect is further enhanced by vibrant and complex color arrangements. Lone Star quilts are made as gifts and given to honor individuals at milestones throughout their life. The artist’s introduction to these aesthetic and ritual traditions came through observing his own grandmothers’ quilting.

Gibson’s flag foregrounds the geometric abstraction of Native women quilters, expanding our knowledge of craft and modernism. When the flag remains still, the individual stars never quite touch, but as the flag waves and flaps with the wind, they begin to move together and merge. Their interplay is further animated by music from Laura Ortman, which emanates from Ballroom’s courtyard.

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