Chihuahuan Desert | Birdscapes on Cassette

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New Cassette featuring two previous digital only releases - Chihuahuan Desert Birdscapes (2020) & Birdscapes (2018).  Released in collaboration with Astral Spirits.

First pressing of 250 cassettes on SILVER shells.
Purchase the digital album on Bandcamp.

SIDE A: Chihuahuan Desert Birdscapes (2020)
October, 2020 commissioned by Ballroom Marfa

Rob Frye - synthesizers, handmade flutes, processing
Xeno-canto field recordists Paul Marvin (1, 2, 5), Bruce Lagerquist (1), Manuel Grosselet (1, 4), Matt Baumann (2), Andrew Spencer (2, 3), Justin Watts (3), Chris Harrison (3), Richard E Webster (4), and Ross Gallardy (4).

Cover photo by James Evans.

Thanks to Borderlands Research Institute, Marfa Recording Company, Rio Grande Joint Venture, James Evans, Sarah Melendez, Texas Commission on the Arts, and Ballroom Marfa Board of Trustees.

SIDE B: Birdscapes (2018)
October, 2018 developed for collaboration with Martin Kaulen

Rob Frye - flutes, processing
Field recordists - Peter Boesman (2) and Richard Ranft (1)

Thanks to Chez Adel, Masaki Batoh, Will Faber, Katharina Ritter, Theodore Parker, Cedar Mathers-Winn, and The Institute for Bird Populations.

Birdscapes still by Martin Kaulen
Design and Layout by Dylan Marcus McConnell