Processions by San Cha

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Processions, a new mixtape, from the trailblazing musician, composer, and performer San Cha, is now available on cassette exclusively through Ballroom Marfa. This curious, genre-bending collection of singles delves into San Cha’s versatile range, blending Rancheras, electronica, and dance music with a subtle nod to pop. Through this mixtape, San Cha explores themes of relationships, queering conventional notions of identity, power, and love.  

Side A: 1. Oveja Negra ft. La Doña, 2. White Magic, 3. Esta Tierra no se Vende, 4. Deja que el Mundo se Prenda, 5. Quisiera Hundirme ft. Tyler Holmes

Side B: 6. Enfrente de ti, 7. Tu Tuenes la Culpa, 8. All of me, 9. Y Volveré (cover)

~ ~ ~

Lu Coy: Flute, Sax, Backing Vocals

Matias Anaya: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Live Drums

Tianna Nicole: Live Dlectronic Drums

La Doña: Trumpet

Tim Reyes: Bongos

Recorded, Produced, and Engineered by San Cha

Additional Production by Tianna Nicole, Matias Anaya Mixed by Collin Davis

Mastered by Gonzalo Gonzalez E.

Commissioned by Ballroom Marfa

“Y Volveré”

Josh Werner: Bass

Miles Kennedy: Drums

Tim K: Keys, Percussion

Produced by Tim K

Mixed by John Paterno

Cover photo: Yulissa Mendoza 

Creative Direction: Diana Diaz 

Special thanks to Josephine Shetty, Danny Gonzalez, Prisk Rios, Maria García,  Sarah Melendez, The Ruth Arts Foundation, and the Ballroom Marfa Board of Trustees.