Sam Falls - NOW LP

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Sam Falls
Now LP, 2015
Blue marbled vinyl
12 x 12 inches
Edition of 175

Signed and Numbered

Sarah Smith - Vocal • Quentin Moore - Guitars • Adam Steck - Bass • Mike Kutchman - Piano • Trip Warner - Feedback guitar

Recorded and mixed by Mike Kutchman at KUTCH-1 Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Created in collaboration with a group of musicians, this limited edition, blue-marbled vinyl stems from a sound piece by Sam Falls, which played on a loop in Ballroom Marfa's gallery as part of his 2015 solo exhibition. The limited edition record features a woman's voice repeating the word "now" alongside simple chords played by four musicians. The LP that plays in the exhibition contains a thin metal strip that causes the record to skip, creating an original composition with each rotation. This sound work speaks to another work in the show, Falls' video piece Untitled (Now), where he continuously writes the word "now" into sand with a stick before it gets repeatedly washed away by waves at the ocean shore. Together the works reflect the artist's interest in capturing the passage of time and its elements, providing viewers with various mediums in which to consider the present.

"I wanted to visualize how we can see or hear time as it passes to be reminded of its unified past, present, and future; every moment is 'now,' or will be 'now,' or was 'now.' 'Now' is a temporal shifter as I see it, and so these works regenerate the word to inform the moment both as specific and as the works progress elliptically 'now' becomes abstracted and wholly representational." -- Excerpt from Sam Falls artist statement

Installation view of Sam Falls, 2015. Photo by Fredrik Nilsen. All other photos by Alex Marks.