Up North, High Above the Stars on Cassette

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Limited edition pressing of 100

This audio presentation is composed of elements from an extensive collection of original material within the personal musical library and sound archives of Jamire Williams. Some elements have been processed through tape machines and samplers while others were documented by way of field recordings during a two-week residency in Marfa. 

Side A: Up North, High Above the Stars

Side B: Sound The Alarm: Sonic Warfare (a prelude)


Produced & Mixed by Jamire Williams 

Mastered by Brian Bender at The Motherbrain 

Commissioned by Ballroom Marfa

Special thanks to Asia and Ziya Williams, Sarah Melendez, Daisy Nam, Ingrid Schaffner, The Chinati Foundation, The Ruth Arts Foundation, and the Ballroom Marfa Board of Trustees.