Strange Attractor

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Limited-edition poster celebrating the official opening of Ballroom Marfa's spring 2017 exhibition, Strange Attractor. The exhibition itself explores the uncertainties and poetics of networks, environmental events, technology, and sound. The term “strange attractor” describes the inherent order embedded in chaos, perceivable in harmonious yet unpredictable patterns.

Strange Attractor features work from Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Thomas Ashcraft, Robert Buck, Alexander Calder, Beatrice Gibson, Phillipa Horan, Channa Horwitz, Lucky Dragons, Haroon Mirza, Douglas Ross.

About the image in the poster:

The exhibition featured photographs by Tom Ashcraft, a series of Transient Luminous Events in the Mesosphere (2012-17), “sprites” captured from his observatory in northern New Mexico. Sprites are large-scale electrical discharges occurring high above a thunderstorm cloud, giving rise to a varied range of intricate shapes, occurring roughly 30 to 60 miles above the Earth’s surface. Whereas science can explain some aspects of their physicality, it cannot fully explain their shapes: Sprites can be jellyfish-like, carrot-like, angel-winged, wish-boned, columniform, and some are five times bigger than Mount Everest.

Designed by Holton Rower

Dimensions: 38" (W) x 26" (H).