Strange Attractor

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Strange Attractor

Gryphon Rue

7 1/2 inch × 10 inch plastic jacket containing two 7 1/2 inch × 10 inch softcover books
112 pages each
ISBN 978-1-941753-30-9

Co-published by Inventory Press and Ballroom Marfa

Design by IN-FO.CO

“I’m interested in the artists’ attempt to map their world, to order and make sense of it. This activity is not exclusive to artists; people do it constantly to find some relationships to abstractions, global events, invisible machinations of finance and those decisions that affect the future of the world.” —Mark Lombardi

Strange Attractor takes its name from the inherent order embedded in various forms of chaos. Expanding on ideas and connections forged in the 2017 Ballroom Marfa exhibition of the same name organized by Gryphon Rue, Strange Attractor explores the uncertainties and poetics of networks.