The Lucky Dragons - Agreements 11

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The Lucky Dragons
Agreements 11, 2017
10.75 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
Cast metal tuning fork
Limited Edition of 25


Ballroom Marfa is pleased to offer Agreements 11, a limited edition tuning fork from the artist collective The Lucky Dragons. This work, an edition of 25, is a replica of the two-sided tuning fork used in Lucky Dragons' Agreements (5 - 10) (2017), an original commission for Ballroom's spring 2017 Strange Attractor exhibition.

The commissioned piece consisted of two custom cast steel tuning forks, one double-sided and the other four-sided, installed in the Ballroom courtyard. The tones of the tuning forks were broadcasted throughout the town of Marfa from six separate radio towers on overlapping frequencies to form a continuously evolving sonic sculpture. The tone of each fork corresponded directly to one of the six radio transmissions. The transmissions overlapped geographically, competing with one another to reach the listener who chose to tune in.