Carla Fernández: Ocumichu Ceramic Set

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Carla Fernández
Ocumichu Ceramic Set
2 insects, 12 snakes

Ballroom Marfa and Carla Fernández are pleased to launch a line of editioned tableware created specifically for the 2023 Summer Party. 

Ocumicho pottery is recognized for its iconic Diablitos, or Little Devils, which hold a significant place in both the craft and imagination of the Purépecha community residing in Ocumicho. These mischievous Diablitos are known for their vibrant and diverse appearance, with each figure bearing a unique style imparted by the artisan who hand-crafts it.

The tradition of crafting these devil figures dates back to 1920, although their exact origins remain a mystery. The Ocumichu myth around their origin recounts an encounter between the craftsman Marcelino and the devil along the road. The devil expressed his displeasure at being portrayed so hideously by the craftsman, and removed his coat, revealing his beauty to Marcelino. 

Carla Fernández and her team travel across Mexico, visiting communities of artisans that specialize in handmade crafts utilizing centuries-old indigenous techniques. They work closely with each artisan on the production of new pieces.

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