Carla Fernandez and Don Tomas Nájera — Tecuán masks

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The Tecuán maskswhich means jaguar, are originally from San Francisco Ozomatlán, Guerrero and are used in a traditional Nahua dance that narrates the story of a jaguar and its confrontation with hunters. These particular masks were made for Ballroom Marfa by artisan Don Tomas Nájera who is also collaborating on a handbag line with Carla Fernández
Carla Fernández and her team travel throughout Mexico visiting communities of artisans that specialize in handmade textiles and crafts utilizing centuries-old indigenous techniques. They work closely with the artisans at the onset of each project, where their skills in weaving or hand looming are an integral part of the production of new pieces and collections. The artisans become creative partners and are compensated fairly for their contributions and this labor-intensive approach helps sustain long-standing traditions, preserving the rich cultural heritage of Mexico’s indigenous communities. 


Masks are currently available only in black.

Small Approx. H"W"D"

8 x 9 x 6

Large Approx. H"W"D"

15 x 16 x 11.5