Carolina Caycedo & David de Rozas - Somi Se'k, The Land of the Sun, La Tierra del Sol, 2022

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Carolina Caycedo & David de Rozas
Somi Se’k, The Land of the Sun, La Tierra del Sol
, 2022
21.5” x 24”
Silkscreen (unframed)
Edition of 30 + 2 APs

Somi Se’k, The Land of the Sun, La Tierra del Sol coincides with Carolina Caycedo & David de Rozas's current exhibition The Blessing of the Mystery at Ballroom Marfa. A portion of proceeds supports the Carrizo-Comecrudo tribe. 

Somi Se'k is how the Estok Gna, the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe, refer to the lands on both sides of the River of Spirits (Rio Grande), comprising the Chihuahuan Desert, the Rio Grande Valley and its delta. Somi Se'k is not just a name or a neutral place, but a multilayered net of universes where the region's present, past, and future are still in conversation. The work functions as a counter-geography that visually represents the stories of some of the human and non-human relatives that inhabit these lands. 

Please note that the image and detail images above are artists' renderings and the final silkscreen edition may vary slightly. Edition available for purchase starting August 6 and shipping starting October 2022. Shipping costs will be assessed separately. 

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