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Haroon Mirza - Glisten

Haroon Mirza - Glisten

Haroon Mirza
Glisten, 2015
Solar panel, LEDs, copper tape and wire
26 x 27 x 1 inches
Limited edition of 10 (one piece remaining)


In support of the production of a major, semi-permanent public commission from UK-based artist Haroon Mirza, Ballroom Marfa is pleased to offer a limited edition from the artist titled Glisten. This remarkable piece is the artist’s first representational LED composition and the first edition from a new series of works. Glisten is the English translation of the Nahuatl (Aztec) word peyōtl, which is the etymological basis for peyote. The work features a single peyote button glistening in the dessert.

The limited edition will directly support the production of a stone circle in Marfa by Mirza, inspired by standing stone megaliths like Stonehenge and the Nine Ladies. This ambitious work is the next evolution in the artist’s Solar Symphonies series, and will use solar panels to generate electronic sound and light at times determined by the lunar calendar. 


$ 10,000.00