Naama Tsabar - Untitled (Without)

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Naama Tsabar
Untitled (Without)Variation 2, 2020
Polyester Ripstop fabric with color stitching, grommets
38.5 x 96 in (unframed)
Edition of 5

Untitled (Without), Variation 2 by Naama Tsabar is a smaller iteration of the exhibition flag, running 8 ft. tall by 3 ft wide. The effect remains the same–we see a long piece of fabric with a rectangular cut-out. Where we expect to see a flag, we instead see empty space. With closer inspection, the flag is made of white strips of fabric that are sewn together with colored stitches. The colors derive from the LGBTQIA+ Progress Pride Flag, an updated version of the iconic LGBT Rainbow Flag. Untitled (Without), Variation 2 suggests that perhaps identity is far more subtle than the bold symbols and objects that attempt to represent us

Tsabar’s Untitled (Without), Variation 2 exhibited in Marfa included Ruptures (Opus 1), 2019, a sound work including several voices of women singing, sighing, groaning and breathing. Ruptures (Opus 1) explores the female musical voice as a “historically expressive anomaly, a place where a disruption of the patriarchal order happens under the cover of beauty and melody,” says the artist.

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